About Us

Welcome to Lammore. Headquartered in Harrogate. Offices in Boston NH.
Delivering worldwide for almost 20 years.

Founded in 2002, we offer you a team of highly experienced and successful business professionals with a proven capability to deliver behavioural change to transform your business. All of our training associates, as well as the directors of the business, have blue-chip experience in the areas in which we develop and deliver training courses to ensure that our training is practical and delivers lasting results.

Our Approach


We recognise that implementing training is down to the individuals who have been trained, and that changing approaches and behaviour can be challenging. We work hard to truly inspire people with the enthusiasm and passion to change.


We’ve all experienced ‘death by Powerpoint’ and training courses that simply don’t work because no-one is paying attention. We entertain on our courses – it makes the training material memorable, it makes people keen to learn, and people who are enjoying themselves are far more positive and motivated to change.


Make a Difference

Ultimately, all training is about ‘making a difference’ to the people on the training course and the organisation paying for it. Investing in people, like any investment, needs to deliver a return, and however hard it is to measure, it’s essential that your investment in training delivers tangible results.

What We Offer

Your business has only one true competitive edge – the ability and desire of your workforce to put your company strategies into action. As you’d expect from an experienced training company, we work with you to design solutions that enable your team to reach their optimum level of performance. By adapting our unique material to your specific business needs, we deliver lasting change to your workforce skills and attitudes, adding real value to your organisation. At Lammore Consulting we understand that success is the result of implementing a series of basic disciplines and processes which lead to the adoption of positive habits. True and lasting success comes from naturally carrying out learnt procedures and methods.

Why choose us?

We are winners of the acclaimed BESMA Award for “Sales Programme of the Year” and our training programmes are accredited by the ISMM, ILM, CMI and CPD Standards Office.

As you’d expect, our training programmes are judged by results and the lasting effect we instil upon the organisations we work with and the people within them. We score an average 9.4+ across the board.

All of our trainers as well as the directors of Lammore have blue-chip experience in the areas in which we develop and deliver training to ensure that our training is practical, knowledgeable, relevant and delivers real results.

93% of our customers happily recommend us to their own customers and contacts.

Our training and course materials are tailored to match your business process and the individual needs of your employees. Our online training courses can be branded to your organisation.

Whether you have one office in an overseas territory or a branch of offices worldwide we appreciate to need for consistent methods of delivery. We work across Europe, the Middle East, Far East and with offices in New York we are ideally positioned to deliver training in the US.