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We provide a wide and flexible approach to designing and delivering training programmes, right across the range of our subject areas.

Below you’ll find some general information about the three core approaches; please do get in touch to discuss further.

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Classroom Learning

The 'Old School' Approach

Classroom-style learning has been around for centuries, if not millennia, and there's a very good reason for that...done well, it works well. A tutor can inspire, entertain and make a difference (which is our philosophy regardless of training methodology), and there's great opportunity for sharing learning across the group.

Today, however, there are increasing challenges to this approach. It's very demanding on time and travel, there is always the pressure to condense material into fewer days, and the pressure back at the normal workplace often means that time is not dedicated to implementing new approaches.

Our classroom approach delivers the high-impact that this type of training can create, and we're extremely flexible in terms of splitting up sessions, running programmes wherever they suit you, and designing them to deliver real results.

Online Learning

21st C Learning

There's no doubt that online learning has a lot to offer. Learner-driven pace, extremely flexible, easy to distribute and deploy...BUT...

In our experience, a lot of online training material is very dull - essentially like clicking though a (badly-written) PowerPoint presentation on your own. Very little engagement, and therefore very little learning.

We've taken a different approach. Our online material has a heap of video content (our own and the best from elsewhere), mini-assignments to complete to embed learning, and it works like the most up-to-date webpages, not a 1980's ClipArt presentation.

In addition, we offer our online programmes with two 'bolt-on' options, which really help to drive engagement with and application of the learning:

1) Tutor-led webinars to provide additional coaching and support, as well as peer-to-peer learning
2) Learning assignments, to be completed throughout the programme and (if selected) marked by the tutor with feedback provided.

Blended Learning

The Best of Both?

We're massive fans of the 'blended learning' approach - if not the slightly clunky name that it goes by! We work closely with our clients to create the right mix of classroom, webinar and online learning, and deliver sustainable long-term skill development where the implementation of new approaches can be both supported and encouraged.

By putting together the right combination of classroom training, tutor-led webinars, flexible online learning, and assignments for learnings to complete, we believe we can hit a sweet spot that few (if any) other training organisations can provide.

The design of these programmes takes more time and effort that either of the other two options, but if you're willing to invest some time in the development of your people, so are we.

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