Training Delivery

We provide a wide and flexible approach to designing and delivering training programmes, right across the range of our subject areas.

Below you’ll find some general information about the three core approaches; please do get in touch to discuss further.

How we can help you?

Classroom Training

Classroom-style learning has been around for centuries, if not millennia, and there’s a very good reason for that…done well, it works well. A tutor can inspire, entertain and make a difference (which is our philosophy regardless of training methodology), and there’s great opportunity for sharing learning across the group.

Online Training

Online learning has a lot to offer. Learner-driven pace, extremely flexible, easy to distribute and deploy…BUT… 

…in our experience, a lot of online training material is very dull – like clicking though a PowerPoint presentation on your own. Very little engagement; very little learning. 

Our online material has a heap of video content, assignments to complete to embed learning, and it works like a webpage, not a 1980’s ClipArt presentation.

Blended Learning

We’re massive fans of the ‘blended learning’ approach. We create a mix of classroom, webinar and online learning, along with assignments, to deliver sustainable long-term skill development. 

The design of these programmes takes more time and effort that either of the other two options, but if you’re willing to invest some time in the development of your people, so are we.

Train The Trainer

Across our core programmes, we offer the opportunity to our clients to have their own internal people accredited to run them. 

This enables a truly sustainable and ultimately low-cost approach to embedding training throughout the organisation, as well as offering exciting development options for your internal trainers.

We have a rigorous approach to ensuring quality and consistency in delivery.

Reseller Programmes

We support a number of coaching and training organisations (particularly in the USA, but available worldwide) to become licenseesof our training materials.

After a comprehensive training and on boarding programme, we offer wholesale terms to allow other coaches and trainers to broaden their curricula and create added value for their clients.


Pay As You Go

Short Online Courses

We offer an ever increasing range of short, self-study online courses based on both our own material and carefully selected material from partner organisations. These programmes can be bought and managed online so that you can learn in small bite-sized chunks, focusing on your own personal and specific development areas.

These programmes cover a wide range of topics and are supported by tests and assignments to embed the learning.